New window frames? Sounds like the perfect job for our contracting company from The Hague

All our window frames are manufactured from choice hardwoods. If the windows frames of your listed building or mansion need replacing, A1 Maatwerk will put in new frames in exactly the same style. That way your property will keep its classic appearance.

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Indoor and outdoor window frames

We replace the window frames of your house with new ones in exactly the same style, but fitted with state-of-the art features and functions. For instance, we mount frames with classic milling and a three-point locking system in the door. All sealing strips are invisibly concealed in the frame: our specialty! Our services include the classic indoor finishing.

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Do your frames need painting? One of our


 will paint the frames with the lacquer and colour of your choice right after mounting.

Sash window

Our authentic draught-free, hardwood sash windows with double glazing and no ropes are unique in The Hague and surroundings. Our contractors will make sure your windows retain their authentic look, but include all modern conveniences.



Are you unsure whether to choose wooden or plastic frames? Unlike what you would maybe expect, wooden frames last just as long as plastic ones. Even longer when properly maintained! Also, in case of damage, plastic frames will have to be replaced while wooden frames often can be repaired. That saves money too.