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Ceilings and walls

Replacing or lowering a ceiling is a big job. The specialists from A1 Maatwerk contracting company in The Hague would be pleased to do the job for you. We specialise in restoring ornamental ceilings to their original glory, which is something we have done in many a listed building or mansion.

We supply various wall and ceiling systems, such as:

  • Blocks, gypsum or lime-sand stone
  • Metal stud
  • Battens
  • Including sound or moisture insulation
  • Ornamental ceilings

A1 Maatwerk


Wand- en plafondsystemen




Often it's quite expensive to replace an entire ceiling. Contrary to what is often said, old or ornamental ceilings can be repaired nicely. A1 Maatwerk would be glad to do it for you.