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A1 Maatwerk technical services company from The Hague will paint the town if necessary.

Is it time again to paint to house? Or do you just want a fresh new colour scheme? We can do all your indoor and outdoor paintwork. 

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Have you had new frames or fencing installed? A1 Maatwerk contracting company from The Hague will apply the finishing touch with a beautiful paint job. In addition to all the woodwork, we will also whitewash your walls and ceilings. We only make use of the best materials and paint systems. We specialise in painting and renovating listed buildings and older mansions.

Whitewashing or colour-washing

Our decorators will make sure all walls and ceilings are clean and free from grease. If necessary, they will glue-prime them first. Then we will start the washing work, for which we only use top-quality latex. Did we plaster your walls or ceilings? In that case, we will spray them at no extra cost to obtain a really smooth result. 

All-round contracting company

In addition to having your walls and ceiling painted, do you wish to have new frames or glazing, or does your wood need

wood rot treatment

? We can do all this quickly and professionally. That way, you don't have to manage the various companies because you're hiring one company for

all your jobs

: A1 Maatwerk contracting company from The Hague



Did you that paintwork falls under the low 6% VAT rate? Think of the savings!



For a small fee we can provide a matte wall paint where you can remove even hassle tomato ketchup !

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A1 Maatwerk, het aannemersbedrijf in Den Haag met een vakkundige en traditionele manier van werken, waarbij u de service en het meedenken er helemaal gratis bij krijgt.