A1 Maatwerk uit Den Haag


As you may have noticed, we have in recent years much more rain than normal. Certainly the older houses will often suffer from leaks.We A1 Customization probably have the solution for you. A solution that takes, moreover, often much less than the damage which is caused by the leakage within. Like we show it to you on the spot.


The Hague still gives subsidy on roof and floor insulation. We provide insulation and help you with the application for the grant.

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All-round technical services company for The Hague and surroundings

A1 Maatwerk contracting company from The Hague allows you to have all jobs in and around the house done by just 1 firm. Even better: you don't have to make sure the contractors work together because our team will do all the jobs, which is also a lot cheaper than hiring all those separate contractors. We will provide you with a tailor-made quotation for all the jobs that need carrying out. 


Our technical services company includes only contractors that are specialised in their line of work. You want the wooden window frames repaired? We will send you our best carpenter. A new central heating boiler? Our plumber will come and fix it. Restore your facade? The roof specialist can start right-away. 

Advies op maat

Custom advice

You have a building job to do, but you're not sure about the right approach or materials. A1 Maatwerk contractors from The Hague know what they're talking about. After all, they've been in the business for more than 15 years. We would be glad to drop by to discuss the best solutions for you and your home. Do you like our proposals? Then we'll start right away. 

Monumentale panden

Listed buildings

Listed buildings are a feast for the eyes. That is, if they are maintained well. A1 Maatwerk specialises in renovating and restoring canal-side houses, old farms and mansions. In fact, we have already restored many a classic building in The Hague's Statenkwartier area to their authentic glory.