A1 Maatwerk plasters it all

Plastering walls and ceilings, renovating listed buildings, applying all types of decorative plasterwork in properties; our contracting company from The Hague despatches plasterers to fully renovate houses every day.

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The activities our plasterers undertake

Do you want nice, smooth walls that are ready to be whitewashed? The plasterers of A1 Maatwerk from The Hague will have them done in no time. 

Plastering bathrooms, toilets and kitchens

First, we will true up the walls and create perfect 90° angles. We plaster straight walls using long, special levels. Only then can perfectly smooth


 be realised or

bathroom furniture

 placed correctly.

Plastering other rooms

We start by glue-priming the walls and ceilings. We repair any cracks with polyester tape. All indoor walls are fitted with polyester tape at the top in order to prevent cracking. Then we plaster the walls until they're ultra-smooth and ready to be whitewashed or colour-washed.

Whitewashing or colour-washing

Once we have plastered your walls, we can go on and


them immediately. Should the wall surfaces be large enough, we will spray them for an even smoother result.

Ornamental ceilings

Do you own a listed building or a mansion, with those nice, high ceilings? Would you like them to really stand out? We can restore existing ornamental ceilings without replacing them and if needed, we can apply a completely new ornamental ceiling at a reasonable price.





Plastering also offers the opportunity to move or conceal your electricity, or to install atmospheric lighting without cable spaghetti. We can take care of this for you.



Did you that paintwork falls under the low 6% VAT rate? Think of the savings!