Facades and jointing

The facade is your property's calling card. But rain, wind, moss, algae and exhaust fumes can make the outside walls look awful. The contractors of A1 Maatwerk technical services company from The Hague will make your property look like new again.

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Maintenance, cleaning and renovation

We specialise in replacing old jointing in listed buildings and older mansions, but of course we will also come and renovate your jointing in any other type of property. For cleaning purposes, we only use the best, environmentally-friendly products. We are capable of maintaining any facade, using our scaffolding, nets and industrial vacuum cleaners.

gevel en voegwerk

We can help you with the following, among other things:

  • Facade cleaning or sand washing
  • Repairing expansion cracks and wall anchors
  • Making your facade moisture and dirt repellent
  • Chimney restoration
Onderhoud, voegen, reiniging en renovatie

Concrete rot

Unfortunately, many balconies are affected by concrete rot. Often, this happens because the concrete's reinforcement starts rotting, causing the concrete to crack. We have the specialists to renovate this professionally. We will skilfully treat and renovate steel girders.



Facade cleaning is considered maintenance and can therefore be carried out without a permit for most properties. Do you live in or do you own a listed building? In that case you will probably need a permit, a so-called environmental permit. You can apply for it from your municipality.