A1 Maatwerk replaces piping and fixes blockages

A leaking tap, a toilet that won't flush anymore, a blocked gutter... A1 Maatwerk contracting company from The Hague does plumbing jobs both large and small.

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We do the following jobs, among others:

  • Placing a new central heating boiler and piping
  • Installing matching new radiators and convector ducts
  • Piping in bathroom or toilet
  • Adapting the piping to enable the installation of a new kitchen
  • Adapting or replacing the sewer
  • Making a waste stack or bypass
  • Drainage regulation on roofs and balconies
  • Removing all lead piping from the house
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Wonderful, it's time to go on vacation. It is a good idea to close the mains tap when you away for an extended period. A burst pipe or leaking tap can cause a lot of damage while you're gone.