More home comfort thanks to the A1 Maatwerk electricians

Nowadays we very much depend on electricity so we can work on laptops, charge our phones, watch television, prepare meals or do the laundry. Our electricians make sure you can keep doing all that.

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Electricity work

Maybe you don't realise it, but we all use a lot of electricity every day. And it can be quite annoying if you don't have enough wall sockets for your appliances, or if they are mounted in the wrong spots.

The electricians of A1 Maatwerk contracting company from The Hague would be glad to drop by for jobs such as:

  • Installing a new group box
  • Enlarging the existing electrical installation
  • Installing ground fault circuits
  • Replacing the whole electrical installation
  • Installing new electricity in the kitchen, bathroom or toilet [/p4 Bathrooms]
  • Supplying and mounting spotlights and lamps


When building a new kitchen, make sure that you have enough electricity groups. What they don't tell you when you buy a new oven is that it alone usually requires two electrical groups. Furthermore, you need a ground fault circuit for every four electricity groups nowadays.