By hiring our contractors from The Hague, you are hiring experts

Beautiful new doors and frames, or tailor-made radiator casings will really improve your home. A1 Maatwerk contracting company from The Hague would be glad to drop by and do all sorts of carpentry jobs in and around your house.

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We specialise in carpentry for classic mansions and listed buildings, but we will most definitely work on other types of properties as well.

The options include:

  • Doors (classic)
  • Balcony fencing (classic)
  • Radiator casings (classic)
  • Mouldings (classic)
  • Cupboards (classic)
  • Frames (classic)
  • Window sills (classic)
  • Skirting boards (classic)
  • Side boards (classic)
  • Coves
  • Beams and joists

Wood rot

Wooden frames are susceptible to rot after a certain period of time. Do you want to know whether they

need replacing

 or can still be repaired? Our wood rot specialist will come and tell you.

A job for the carpenter


Furniture made from scaffolding planks is hot these days. However, they don't come cheap. Would you like your cove or radiator casing to be made from scaffolding timber? Go and visit wholesale companies. That's where you can get cheaper timber.